Placeable Extends Listing Analysis to Third Party Ecosystem; Gives Complete Location Visibility to Brands

Placeable Enhances Auditing Capabilities and Metrics in Expanded Platform Console

DENVER, May 13, 2014 – Placeable, the leader in location marketing automation for the enterprise advertiser, announced several enhancements to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) console today. Placeable is giving marketers contextual intelligence on their locations by expanding its auditing capabilities to include third-party listings data.

Because local marketing is about being found by consumers, Placeable uses pin placement proximity scores to assess location accuracy, visually verify locator pins at the street level, and make any corrections to the placements. Taking this a step further, Placeable now also allows marketers to compare that location to third-party sites such as Google, Bing and others, to assess location accuracy and consistency across the ecosystem. Marketers can correct the data directly from the Placeable console and send it out to third party sites.

These enhancements extend Placeable’s data management platform, which allows marketers to easily examine their location data at scale. This gives brands with thousands of individual business locations the metrics and tools to ensure coverage, accuracy and consistency across all locations and channels.

“As enterprise marketers improve the quality and depth of their own location data, they will begin to realize the power that information can bring to their local digital campaigns,” said Ari Kaufman, CEO at Placeable. “These leaders need to compare information across the entire location ecosystem to establish continuity and add lift to their campaigns. That is why we are giving marketers contextual intelligence and providing metrics that look at the quality and characteristics of location—even when it’s being published by third parties. Enterprises focused on location-based marketing need to be able to quickly and easily manage their location data quality and measure the performance of their syndication efforts at scale.”

Placeable has expanded its platform console to help marketers track the progress and consistency of their location-specific content. With marketing teams spending significant resources developing and delivering local content like service descriptions, hours, and photos, Placeable is offering specific tools to monitor the dissemination of this information across the Internet. By providing information on the visibility and accuracy of their location-specific content, Placeable is giving marketers better control of the brand regardless of where the information appears.

In addition, the new console gives marketers the ability to:

  • Measure data completeness and location standards validations
  • Verify the consistency of data
  • Easily track progress of data syndication to third party listings
  • Understand the accuracy of geocoding and pin placement

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